AI avatars

Produce a professional-looking video with minimum production costs at scale.

Select from 45+ built-in human avatars, choose from 60+ languages and voices, type in a script, and generate AI synthetic video in a minute.

You can make your custom avatar to be your digital twin, virtual influencer, spokesperson, or customer service. Localize your videos for new audiences and markets.

Save your time and budget.

AI avatar as a TV presenter

AI avatar as a TV presenter, revolutionizing how you experience weather forecasts on Switzerland's premier television network!

Say hello to accurate, engaging, and real-time weather updates presented by state-of-the-art AI TV presenters. This innovative technology enhances the viewer experience and paves the way for a new era in TV broadcasting.

Moreover, the video content is generated entirely from text, making it a seamless and efficient process. Choose from over 60 languages and customize your AI avatar with your voice for a truly personalized experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional broadcasting and embrace the endless possibilities of AI-powered avatars, perfect for news channels, educational content, and entertainment shows.

Transform your content and captivate your audience with the cutting-edge AI Video Avatar Platform today!

  • Revolutionize Your TV Broadcasts with AI Video Avatar

Event presenters

You can use AI avatars as speaker's presenters at the event as our client's International conference Hook: Southeast Asian-Centric Performance Marketing 2022 in Bangkok.

AI avatars informed about the following program, introduced speakers, and acted as event concierges.

Are you organizing a conference and want to impress?

2D custom avatar

eCommerce store uses a special text-to-video 2D avatar with a custom voice in their video scena widget.

It acts as the store guide by presenting categories, selected products, and unique services like alcohol recommendations based on the customer’s mood or local weather conditions.

They are also testing after-purchase personalized video emails to distribute coupons and video testimonials for social media campaigns.

  • 18% uplift of conversion rate in after-purchase personalized video email
  • 35% uplift of engagement rate
  • 155% monthly uplift of customer's video testimonials

News and Media

Select from 45+ built-in human avatars and localize your video content in 60+ languages using AI avatar synthetic video.

Easily change or adapt the content in a minute to provide your visitors with the latest news.

Create a brand new channel for your video content with interactive features using a synthetic AI avatar and grow your website's retention and engagement rate or in-app.

  • create video content at minimum costs at scale

Bring Photos Alive

Bring life to your photos.

You can transform any still image into a moving, talking one by giving it a real human voice in more than 60 languages and accents.

You can create a full HD video avatar from a source image and combine this animation with either recorded speech or a typed script.

Bring your script for the message you want your shot to convey, as we did on this demo of The Little Prince.

  • this feature is still in beta at

24/7 support agent

At times when Lifeline Ukraine experiencing lots of calls, they decided to hand over part of the communication to a support agent available 24/7.

They created an AI avatar ensuring to provide assistance at any given time by prompting visitors to leave audio, video, or text messages directly via widget.

Lifeline Ukraine uses AI video avatars for the internal training of support agents and collaborators.

Lifeline Ukraine is a national, professional, suicide prevention and mental health support hotline, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • engaging support 24/7 with an AI avatar agent

Video testimonials

Video Testimonials are an effective way to showcase your product and services.

They help build trust and credibility, increase conversions, improve customer service and provide valuable insights into how people interact with your brand.

But creating great video testimonials requires a lot of effort and often becomes expensive and time-consuming.

That’s where comes in. We provide a simple yet powerful platform allowing anyone to easily capture, edit and share user-generated video testimonial content.

You can easily create an AI avatar video asking your clients for a testimonial on the website, social media, or newsletter.

  • collect candid, high-quality customer testimonial videos inexpensively, repeatedly, and at scale

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