Revolutionary no-code interactive video and AI avatars

What is is a revolutionary platform that lets you create interactive video and AI avatars. Create engaging user experiences by allowing users to "choose your own story" and explore various content such as product reviews, testimonials, onboardings, education, entertainment, customer support or any video content you can imagine more intuitively.

How it works


Build stunning AI content

Upload your videos, use free video libraries, choose your AI avatar, record yourself or create AI synthetic videos. Just type in your text.

Create interactive dialogues

Use a cutting-edge dialogue editor with plenty of nifty features to create an interactive conversation with no coding required. Collaborate with your peers in real-time.

Design your video widget

Easily customize design via editor, shapes and position of your widget to match your preferences or company design kit.

Easily share anywhere

Embed your interactive video on any web page, email or app and make them more interactive.

Creative and exciting AI features

Easy to use visual editor image

Easy to use visual editor

Easy to use visual dialogue editor with simple interface to build and design an interactive video logic on the fly.

Record and edit your videos image

Record and edit your videos

Record and trim video directly on dialogue editor or use a free video bank.

Get leads from visitors image

Get leads from visitors

Get prompt from visitors via video, audio or text on 1 click.

Design your interactive video image

Design your interactive video

Design interactive video widget, banner or landing page through simple visual composer.

Personalize every user interaction image

Personalize every user interaction

Personalize every user interaction via variables and manage your video 1-on-1 conversations at scale.

Track videos, measure interaction image

Track videos, measure interaction

Track videos, measure interaction, view completation rate.

Collaboration image


Collaborate real-time with your team while building your content.

Share your video anywhere image

Share your video anywhere

Embed your interactive video on any web page, email or app and make them more interactive.

Third-party applications image

Third-party applications

Integrate third-party applications to continually improve the relationship.


Higher engagement image

Higher engagement enables interactive video to be more engaging and immersive, making it possible to grab and maintain a viewer's attention longer than typical linear videos.

AI videos and avatars image

AI videos and avatars

Create professional AI videos directly from text in 50+ languages. Choose from built-in video avatars or create your own avatar. No actors or camera needed.

Interaction tracking  image

Interaction tracking

User viewing interactions can be tracked within the interactive video - what and when viewer decisions were taken, what was completed, when they left the video and so on. Data statistics can be extremely useful in determining the viewer’s preferences, attention span or personality profile for a segmentation.

Adaptation image


Decision points in the video timeline allow for opportunities to adapt the experience to individual viewers – giving the chance to decide what they want to branch to, or what they want to watch next. Logic can be added to analyze viewer decisions and adapt the delivery of personalized content, drastically increasing the engagement and conversion rate.

Easy to use image

Easy to use

Create interactive video conversations through revolutionary easy to use dialogue editor and share anywhere. Then you can manage an audience, respond through inbox, quickly customize design, re-write dialogues, edit, trim or record videos directly on the fly.

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