Create engaging, interactive videos and learning experiences just from a text in minutes in more than 70 languages!

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AI Video Avatars and Voice Cloning

Create AI-generated videos or voice-overs from text in just a few minutes.

  • Utilize pre-built ChatGPT to compose a video script.
  • The most diverse selection of 230+ AI avatars.
  • Natural-sounding multilingual AI voices in 70+ languages.
  • Receive top-notch voice-overs for your video.
  • Automatically generated captions included.
  • Create your own AI Avatar (your digital twin)
  • Produce a talking video from a photo.
  • Clone your voice or make a unique one.

How it works

Create interactive video conversations using's revolutionary and scenario-based dialogue editor. Design your video widget and share your interactive video creations anywhere. You can manage an audience, respond through an inbox, quickly customize design, re-create dialogues with the help of ChatGPT, edit, trim, or record videos directly on the fly. No coding is required.

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Most common usecases

Interactive Micro-Learning

Interactive video Onboarding

Interactive shoppable video

Interactive video chatbot

AI video avatar presenter

AI talking photo

Unlock Your Potential with Interactive AI Video.

Boost video engagement

Easily create interactive video branching experiences that allow your viewers to dynamically navigate your video content and boost engagement.

Enhance training video

Build interactive training videos quickly and easily using our intuitive scenario-based editor.

Lead capture and segment

Use Interactive Video as a Lead Generation Tool. Add a lead form module in your video a get the data directly into your mailbox or CRM.

Enrich Learning experience

Create learning or onboarding AI videos from text in minutes and localize to 70+ languages, saving up to 80% of your time and money. Designed for Scenario-Based Learning.

Video personalization

Impress audiences by tailoring the video experience to each viewer. Video personalization is a highly effective way to drive viewer engagement and interaction.

Monetize video content

Immerse your viewers in a revolutionary way of discovering and purchasing products without ever leaving the video. Watch, Click, and Shop directly in a video!

Custom API interactions

Extend your video experience outside of the player with the power of our client-side JavaScript API.

AI video translation (coming soon)

Instantly transform your videos into another language with one click, utilizing a clone of your voice and a realistic speaking style!

Offline export (on-premise)

Take control of your interactive widgets with our seamless offline export feature. Offline exporting of widgets enables you to create a local copy that can be used offline or on-premises.

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