Learning & Development

Interactive video offers flexible learning by dividing the video content into multiple chapters and adding buttons to share, repeat or skip specific parts. In addition, you can easily ask for video or audio prompts and make a quiz or test with automatic evaluation. Enrich your training or education videos with interactive elements that boost retention and understanding.

Through interactive e-learning videos, you can present your information in more compelling, learner-friendly ways to boost knowledge retention and behavior change.

If you´re short on time, have a budget, or you have to produce training or educational videos at scale try using AI synthetic videos. Simply turn your text into engaging videos with an AI guide and make learning more effective.

This can be used by educational teams to create training or onboarding videos at scale, saving up to 80% of their time and money. You can localize videos for multiple markets at scale, in record time in 60+ languages.

AI synthetic or interactive video brings novelty and innovation to your e-learning content, resulting in increased engagement.

Interactive Micro-Learning powered by AI

Unlock the full potential of your training programs with scena.ai. This no-code platform leverages cutting-edge AI technology to transform your training content into engaging, professional-looking videos in minutes.

Our platform supports 60+ languages and offers over 230 pre-built AI avatars, making creating personalized, interactive microlearning experiences for your global workforce more accessible.

Enjoy benefits such as quickly creating quizzes and lessons, gaining direct feedback from videos, and segmenting and analyzing user behavior for data-driven insights.

You can apply gated content to authorized contacts and integrate it into your LMS.

You'll dramatically increase video production speed, quality, and cost-efficiency, empowering your team to learn faster and perform better.

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your L&D

Virtual 24/7 Interactive Video Onboarding

Transform your onboarding process with cutting-edge interactive AI videos! Save time and budget.

Create high-quality videos just by typing text or uploading audio in 60+ languages without the need for actors, cameras, or studios. Customize your own avatar to represent your brand and connect with your employees.

Say goodbye to outdated training methods, long PDFs and embrace a personalized, engaging, and efficient employee onboarding and service training approach. AI-generated videos cater to multiple languages, ensuring seamless communication across your diverse workforce.

With tailored learning paths, interactive quizzes, and LMS integration, our solution accelerates the onboarding process by 4x and enhances knowledge retention and overall employee performance.

Due to the client´s internal know-how, we cannot show the complete video onboarding content.

  • 4x speed up the employee onboarding process

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