Virtual 24/7 Interactive Video Onboarding

Transform your onboarding process with cutting-edge interactive AI videos! Save time and budget.

Create high-quality videos just by typing text or uploading audio in 60+ languages without the need for actors, cameras, or studios. Customize your own avatar to represent your brand and connect with your employees.

Say goodbye to outdated training methods, long PDFs and embrace a personalized, engaging, and efficient employee onboarding and service training approach. AI-generated videos cater to multiple languages, ensuring seamless communication across your diverse workforce.

With tailored learning paths, interactive quizzes, and LMS integration, our solution accelerates the onboarding process by 4x and enhances knowledge retention and overall employee performance.

Due to the client´s internal know-how, we cannot show the complete video onboarding content.

  • 4x speed up the employee onboarding process