Video chatbots

Make your website visitors want to stay longer via an interactive video chatbot. 

You can set up personalized video welcome messages, inform your customers about new products or services, schedule a demo call, register for a webinar, create video FAQs, make an onboarding video, create an interactive quiz, or grab a lead contact.

You can also manage and segment an audience, respond through an inbox, quickly customize design and content, re-write dialogues, and edit, trim, or record videos directly on the fly.

The most frequent use cases are customer service and education.

You can use your existing video, record a new one directly on the platform or use an AI synthetic video avatar and produce videos at scale and at minimal costs.

Build exceptional customer experience with real human video or synthetic AI video chatbot.

Human resources

Promote your company's open positions in a new, more attractive, and engaging way. Conduct preliminary screenings of your applicants using a video or audio recording and let them send their CV or other documents easily via widget - no login or download needed.

Give the hiring team effective pre-screening tools like an interactive AI video chatbot as an AI avatar assistant and shorten the average time of the hiring process for entry-level candidates. 

Make your recruitment campaign special with interactive AI videos, increase engagement and reach your potential candidates.

Provide candidates with the ultimate flexibility to answer your questions on their own time in a pre-recorded interactive video interview. Improve your screening process by conveniently collecting video resumes from candidates.

Interview significantly more people in way less time.

  • an average time to fill shorten by 25 %

Customer support

Provide instant customer service easily with AI avatar video chatbot.

Create face-to-faceauthentic, and truthful customer support that will help you sustain and develop your customer care.

AI avatar video chatbots are designed specifically with the objective of serving purposes along the customer journey.

AI avatar video chatbot can be used as the first point of contact to reduce customer churn and make human handover for complex issues.

Save costs by automating repetitive customer questions and scale your business without increasing headcount or budgets.

Get on the next level with automated personalized video conversations using

  • saved 30% in overall support costs

Product guide

Create an AI video chatbot as a product guide to help your customers choose the best product for their needs. That’s exactly what we did in this BIODERMA video guide, using a quick quiz with multiple endings.

We classified customers during the video conversation and directly recommended the most suitable product or category in the e-store.

Using this kind of quiz or survey, you can learn more about your customers' habits, issues, or anything that will help you better understand their needs and increase conversions and loyalty.

  • Create an interactive video quiz in a minute
  • Segment your customers via variable
  • Increase conversions by recommendation


Providing interactive AI video chatbot customer service allows you to have friendly conversations that strengthen the connection with customers.

Create AI video chatbot for your customer support at no production costs in a minute.

Learn your customer issues effectively in a new and more engaging way.

  • 23 % uplift of positive NPS after three months
  • 45 % of customers prefer a video interaction for resolving issues

Interactive quiz

Create an interactive quiz as a video chatbot to generate leads or engage your audience by helping AI avatars.

In an interactive quiz, your customers have the opportunity to pick different answers and personalize the outcome based on their previous responses. This differentiates them from other passive forms of content.

Interactive video chatbot quizzes are addicting enough to encourage your customers to stick till the end. They also provide value-adding results based on the customer’s response to each question.

In addition, you can ask for audio, video, and text prompt or file upload directly on the video chatbot widget.

  • proven to generate 3x more engagement

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