Shoppable Video

Shoppable interactive videos provide a unique digital experience that attracts customers and speeds up the sales cycle.

Using videos with advanced technology on your eCommerce platform enhances customer engagement rate, which leads to a better UX.

Ultimately, shoppable videos remove the disconnection between marketing and purchasing. They create a seamless path to purchase that doesn’t interrupt or detract from the consumer’s content experience and enjoyment. The shoppable content empowers eCommerce brands to deliver direct and instant sales. Studies have found that these videos can increase conversion by 30%.

Turn Your Video Content into a Point of Sale!

Interactive shoppable video

Experience the Future of Shopping with Interactive Shoppable Videos!

Step into next-gen online shopping with our state-of-the-art interactive shoppable videos! Effortlessly browse, explore, and buy products right within the video for a truly captivating and engaging experience.

Enhance your e-commerce experience and indulge in a personalized, interactive adventure that brings your favorite products to life! Try out these nifty features:

Set up a menu as a shortcut to your favorite categories while watching a video, making navigation a breeze.

Utilize interactive static or sticky hotspots with object tracking to open up a product detail page directly from the video.

Take advantage of the one-click-to-shop collection featured in the video.

Turn your video to the Point of Sale

Boost Your Conversion Rate by 30 %

Experience the next level of e-commerce with our interactive AI shoppable videos, designed to create a seamless customer journey like never before.

Our cutting-edge sticky hotspot feature allows customers to effortlessly follow and purchase products directly from the video, bridging the gap between clients and customers.

Witness a remarkable 30% lift in conversion rate as you elevate your brand and captivate your audience with an immersive shopping experience. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity – try our AI shoppable video feature today and revolutionize your customer engagement and sales.

  • Boost Your Conversion Rate by 30 %

Shoppable Product Video

This is a promo concept of an interactive shoppable video for a sportswear store Northfinder.

The power of shoppable video allows for a more demonstrative story experience and emphasizes the urgency of the offer.

By integrating shoppable features in their videos, brands reduce the number of steps a customer needs to follow to make a purchase.

You do not have to scroll up and down the product page or wishlist or remember the product. By incorporating an interactive component in a video, retailers can leverage customers’ inclination and interest in the product and encourage them to buy it right away. Shoppable videos allow customers to see the actual uses of products and enable merchants to offer an improved experience and seamless path to direct purchase.

Studies found that these videos increase buyers’ intent to purchase by 9x. Better still, 41% of viewers add a product to their shopping cart after watching a shoppable video.

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