Shoppable Product Video

This is a promo concept of an interactive shoppable video for a sportswear store Northfinder.

The power of shoppable video allows for a more demonstrative story experience and emphasizes the urgency of the offer.

By integrating shoppable features in their videos, brands reduce the number of steps a customer needs to follow to make a purchase.

You do not have to scroll up and down the product page or wishlist or remember the product. By incorporating an interactive component in a video, retailers can leverage customers’ inclination and interest in the product and encourage them to buy it right away. Shoppable videos allow customers to see the actual uses of products and enable merchants to offer an improved experience and seamless path to direct purchase.

Studies found that these videos increase buyers’ intent to purchase by 9x. Better still, 41% of viewers add a product to their shopping cart after watching a shoppable video.