Interactive videos

Showcase your video stories with interactive elements that enhance and enrich the experience of your audience.

Let them choose their own story or adventure. 

With video branching, an interactive structure is added to your video so the viewer can determine what content is relevant. This ability to participate in your story creates a new relationship between viewers and your content.

Transform your static, solitary videos into dynamic, connected experiences that invite exploration. Our browser-based interactive story editor lets you easily create immersive video content, publish anywhere, and track viewers' experiences.

Personalized customer journeys lead to much higher CTR, conversions, recall, and amplification sharing. Engage and delight viewers with immersive, interactive video experiences today with the new way to tell stories.

Skyrocket Your Lead Generation by 45 %

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns with our AI-powered interactive videos, specifically designed to boost lead generation and customer engagement.

Our state-of-the-art sticky hotspots enable users to take action directly within the video, whether it's booking a test drive or configuring a model. Experience a staggering 45% increase in test drive bookings.

Immerse themselves in a captivating and interactive video experience. Don't let your brand fall behind – harness the power of our AI-driven interactive videos to new heights.

  • Skyrocket Your Lead Generation by 45 %

Interactive documentary

Award-winning photographer and drone filmmaker Martin Greguš launched the interactive documentary film 33 days among the Bears to promote the opening of his screening, 

On, we created several chapters in the original documentary film through video branching to make it interactive. The viewers only watch what they find interesting. This is a whole new way to get a glimpse into the summer lives of one of the Arctic’s apex predators:the polar bear.

Some images and videos have been awarded top prizes in the world's leading photography competitions.

Engage and delight viewers with immersive narratives that deliver truly unique experiences.

  • Supercharge your video with interactivity

Lead generation

J&T BANKA - the largest Czech and Slovak private investment bank, used the platform to create an interactive video campaign to make it easier to explain the difference between investing and saving to their target group.

Through the presenter, a viewer can learn two classmates' stories and decide which story is more relevant and what part of the video content to watch next.

At the end of each story, the viewer can leave a contact if they are interested in learning more. Then, according to the selected segmentation rules and content analysis, this contact is automatically sent to the bank's CRM with classification.

  • increase lead generation rate by as much as 25%

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