Frequently asked questions, answered

Usage questions

How can I sign up for
How can I share my interactive AI videos?
Can I share my interactive scena AI video on social media?
What happens if I go over my data storage limit?
Do I have to upload videos to make interactive videos in
Does require installation?
Can I handle multiple projects with one account?
I don't have videos. Can I upload a still image to a
What tools do you integrate with?
Can I remove branding?
What platforms does support?

Billing questions

Can I change my plan?
Can I cancel my billing plan anytime?
What happens after I cancel my subscription?
What’s the cancellation policy?
Are the prices per project?
How do I upgrade/downgrade my account?
My subscription has expired. Can I renew it?
Do you offer yearly price plans?
Do I need a credit card to get started?
What payment methods do you support?
What currencies does accept?
Tax calculation
Do you offer discounts for nonprofits and educational institutions?
Do you guarantee after-sale customer support?
Is GDPR compliant?
Do you offer free trials?
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