Give your customers a unique personalized shopping journey through an interactive video. Introduce potential customers to your brand and guide them to your products in a new, engaging way to increase conversion. Make your videos shoppable to delight your customers with a unique user experience.

BIODERMA - product guide (concept proposal)

Create an interactive video product guide to help your customers choose the best product for their needs. That’s exactly what we did in this BIODERMA video guide, using a quick quiz with multiple endings.

We classified customers during the video conversation and directly recommended the most suitable product or category in the e-store.

Using this kind of quiz or survey, you can learn more about your customers' habits, issues, or anything that will help you better understand their needs and increase conversions and loyalty.

Create an interactive video quiz in a minute

Segment your customers via variable

Publish anywhere and drive traffic to a store - 2D custom avatar uses a special text-to-video 2D avatar with a custom voice in their video scena widget.

It acts as the store guide by presenting categories, selected products, and unique services like alcohol recommendation based on the customer’s mood or local weather conditions.

They are also testing after-purchase personalized video emails to distribute coupons and video testimonials for social media campaigns.

  • 18% uplift of conversion rate in after-purchase personalized video email
  • 35% uplift of engagement rate
  • 155% monthly uplift of customer's video testimonials

The concept proposal supports sales via additional communication channels, where you can interact with AI synthetic avatar video content and easily select the most appropriate test and checkout directly from the video widget.

  • create a new sales channel via interactive video
  • use AI avatar for multilingual support
  • checkout directly from a video widget via webview

This concept proposal promotes wine tasting service via an AI synthetic avatar with direct booking.

Video content of this kind is easy to create in an intuitive, easy-to-use visual editor in just three easy steps:

  • type in a script,
  • select an avatar, 
  • choose a language and voice.

Violá. You can generate your synthetic video in minutes with no production costs and share it as a widget on your website, social media, or through email. 

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